Danish Surveyors On A Road Trip Around Iceland

Words by Vera Illugadóttir
In the years 1900–1910, several teams of surveyors from the Danish Geological Survey institute travelled around Iceland, taking photos and working on a map of the country. In 1985, the Danish Geological Survey presented its Icelandic counterpart, Landmælingar Ísland, with the Danes’ entire collection of 555 photographs on glass plates.

The photos are a remarkable resource, both for their unusual perspectives on Icelandic landscapes and towns as well as their documentation of the surveyors’ ‘road-trips’ in Iceland.

We encourage everyone to browse the full collection on lmi.is.

A good surveyor needs to be a skilled climber.

Reykjavík, circa 1905.

The surveyors set up their camp.

Surveying Iceland's barren landscape.

Icelandic Family.


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