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Air Hooligan Flies Again

An Icelander who gained brief internet fame due to his drunken antics on an airplane will be allowed back on Icelandair flights, albeit in the company of a chaperon.

MoMA Buys Biophilia App

MoMA has acquired Björk’s Biophilia app which will become the first app featured at New York City’s Museum of Modern Art

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So What's This City Election I Keep Hearing About?

Oh, you heard about it? It seems like a lot of people?did not. Turnout was at an historic?low for all municipal elections around Iceland, including Reykjavík.
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Over The Edge

On May 17, a massive torfæra rally briefly turned Hella into one of the most action-packed corners of Iceland, attracting 18 drivers and some 3,000 spectators. Organisers used the event to raise money for the local search and rescue team; the drivers used it to raise a whole lot of hell.

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The Great Reykjavík Beer Heist Of 2014

Iceland is not known for having an especially strict code of social etiquette. There are, however, a few rules that you just don’t break. Three Grapevine interns and I learned one of these rules the hard way, embarrassing ourselves at our first Icelandic house party.

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Post-Set Breakdown With Muck

We met up with frontman Kalli of hardcore powerhouse band Muck and talked about singing in English, graffiti, and shiny hair.



KEX Hostel
There's a hip new ‘hostel’ in town that gives a whole new meaning to the word. Located literally steps away from Reykjavík harbour, with a More »
The Grill Market
New in Reykjavík, Grillmarkaðurinn (The Grill Market) is renowned chef Hrefna Rósa Sætran’s latest culi-nary venture. With a specially crafted grill made to withstand extreme heat, Hrefna More »
Whether you're a native Icelander or a tourist, Sjávargrillið will give you the upscale traditional  Icelandic food experience you're looking for.

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Eimverk's Whisky Matures, Its Gin Blossoms

The first thing I notice as I slip through the warehouse’s unmarked door is the smell: somewhere between the sweetness of freshly-baked bread and the earthiness of a turf fire. The space is given over to several large tanks, all of which are adorned with a confusion of pipes, gauges and valves. Against the back wall, barrels and bottles of Flóki Whisky and Vor Gin await distribution.

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Real ‘Life In A fishbowl’

‘Life In A Fishbowl’ tells three distinct stories of people living in pre-crisis Iceland. It stars Hera Hilmarsdóttir as Eik, a down on her luck kindergarten teacher who struggles to support her daughter; Þorsteinn Bachmann as Móri, a troubled writer; and Þorvaldur Davíð as Sölvi, an ex-footballer on the fast-track working for a bank doing some shady business.



Home Conforts And Cosmopolitan Culture

Akureyri, located on Iceland’s longest fjord, Eyjafjörður, is often referred to as Iceland’s second city, or “the capital of the North.” With a population of just under 18,000, “city” is probably pushing it a bit, but Akureyri is a thriving and charming place nonetheless.



Track Of Issue: Myndra's "Distant Lover"

The first 20 seconds of “Distant Lover” give little insight into its edgy, restive and bittersweet nature, but wispy, fluttering guitars soon reveal the dichotomy at its heart.
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